Fiserv Enhances its Pix Hub Technology to Offer Brazilian Retailers Greater Payments Processing Choice, Availability and Security Enhancements

April 9, 2024

Enhancements will help accelerate person-to-business transactions

São Paulo, April 9, 2024 – Fiserv, Inc. (NYSE: FI), a leading global provider of payments and financial technology, today announced enhancements to its Pix hub technology. Currently available to Brazilian businesses, this technology is designed to accelerate acceptance of electronic person-to-business payments with an agnostic platform that allows a retailer to choose the Payment Service Providers (PSPs) with which it operates. Additional capabilities include unified management, high availability and differentiated security features, such as monitoring and fraud prevention, to mitigate business risk.

Fiserv also is introducing the option for a merchant to process Pix payments via Fiserv or the merchant’s preferred PSPs.

Pix hub technology from Fiserv is available to more than 800,000 merchants, with 1.5 million payment terminals enabling more than 100 million monthly transactions and providing connectivity to 19 PSPs, including payment institutions and traditional financial institutions. With a simplified integration based on SiTef®, the Intelligent Funds Transfer Solution from Fiserv, and Fiserv acquiring capabilities, Pix hub technology now enables:

● unified management, serving as a single channel for all payment types, Pix hub technology allows a merchant to easily support a multichannel sales strategy to offer customers a unique experience and streamline reconciliation

● higher availability, increasing the likelihood of a successful transaction and improving the customer experience

● a balancing feature, allowing the merchant to choose multiple PSPs and divide transaction volume between them, or switch volume from one to the other in the event one experiences downtime.

According to Jorge Valdivia, General Manager of Fiserv in Brazil, the enhancements to the Pix hub technology from Fiserv will help enable the growth of electronic transactions between people and companies (P2B), keeping pace with the success of Pix payments between people (P2P). "Fiserv is bringing a new level of maturity to instant payments in Brazil. The capabilities we are bringing to market can accelerate the adoption of Pix in the retail space, for both in-person and online sales. Currently, 7% of all P2B Pix transactions in Brazil pass through our platform, and we are confident that, with these new capabilities, we will be transacting 10% of this volume by 2024."    

At the launch of Pix in 2020, transactions between people and companies accounted for just 6% of all Pix transactions. This year, this percentage already represents 38% of total transactions per month. Valdivia adds that P2B Pix transactions still have significant potential to grow. "With omnichannel integration and retailers increasingly adopting exclusive options for paying with Pix, we believe that the capabilities of Pix hub technology from Fiserv will help drive use, facilitate easier and safer transaction management, and provide a better experience for the end customer."

To further simplify P2B Pix processing and retail integration, Fiserv provides flexibility in adapting solutions to the retailer's needs. As with other Fiserv offerings, Pix hub technology from Fiserv gives retailers the autonomy to choose with whom and which solutions they want to integrate.

Financial Management Made Easy with Pix Account Solution from Fiserv 

As a complement to its Pix hub technology, Fiserv also offers a Pix account solution to facilitate business management. With this account solution, Fiserv processes Pix payments on behalf of the business while the business maintains its banking relationship. Proceeds from sales are received instantly by the business, with funds transferred according to the configuration in the business's account. All sales and settlement reports can be accessed electronically, making financial management easier.

With a single account and retailer identifier per store, it is possible to eliminate the need for multiple Pix aliases and streamline business management and reconciliation processes. As it is integrated with SiTef, the process of enabling the Pix account solution from Fiserv is simple and can be done automatically.

The Pix account solution from Fiserv is already integrated with the main grocery and e-commerce platforms on the market, and includes the ability to split payments between sellers and marketplaces for better business management. Other advantages include scheduled payment - with instant receipt in the Pix account - and pre-authorization with partial return and settlement only on confirmation of delivery.

In addition, Fiserv is innovating to help mitigate business risk and bring an extra layer of anti-fraud protection to Pix receipts by cross-referencing transactional behavior and predicting potential fraud. The feature sets a new standard for the market and supports the Central Bank's Joint Resolution No. 6, which calls for the sharing of data and information on signs of fraud.

Pix Processing and a Single Point of Contact

Fiserv has also integrated a Pix processing solution into its Pix hub technology so that retailers have a single support channel for Pix capture and accounting. With 24x7 support, retailers can choose to have Fiserv or a PSP responsible for the primary or secondary processing of their transactions. In the future, Pix hub technology from Fiserv will also be available to acquiring partners.

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