Fiserv EFT President Tony Catalfano to Host `The Interchange Game'

November 16, 2004
Fiserv EFT President Tony Catalfano to Host `The Interchange Game'BROOKFIELD, Wis.--Nov. 16, 2004--Tony Catalfano, president and chief operating officer of Fiserv EFT, the electronic funds transfer (EFT) unit of Fiserv, Inc. (Nasdaq: FISV), will host "The Interchange Game" at BAI's Retail Delivery Conference and Expo on Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2004, from 1 to 2 p.m.

The Solutions Showcase session, designed specifically for financial institutions, will provide participants with an understanding of the various transaction fees assessed within the EFT industry. The session also will assist financial institutions in identifying revenue opportunities in EFT network memberships, and provide a methodology for monitoring and measuring the health of their EFT network programs.

"Against the backdrop of an evolving EFT industry and the commoditization of EFT products and services, attending The Interchange Game will help financial institutions understand how making smart network membership choices can yield tangible business benefits," said Catalfano.

Catalfano joined Fiserv in 2002 when the company acquired Consumer Network Services (CNS) from EDS. He has a diverse background in finance, health care and insurance with 20 years of management and implementation experience. Catalfano is a member of the Electronic Funds Transfer Association (EFTA) board of directors.

Fiserv EFT serves 3,000 client endpoints across the United States, representing financial institutions of all sizes. Fiserv EFT operates more than 16,500 ATMs, and owns the ACCEL/Exchange Network. Fiserv EFT currently processes approximately 365 million ATM and debit transactions per month, making it one of the largest electronic funds transfer (EFT) processors in the nation.

Fiserv, Inc. (Nasdaq: FISV) provides information management systems and services to the financial industry, including transaction processing, business process outsourcing and software and systems solutions. The company serves more than 15,000 clients worldwide, including banks, broker-dealers, credit unions, financial planners and investment advisers, insurance companies and agents, self-funded employers, lenders and savings institutions. Headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Fiserv reported $2.7 billion in processing and services revenues for 2003. Fiserv can be found on the Internet at